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The Omnibus Publishing is a Baltimore-based publisher and division of Reading Pandas, Inc., offering publishing and minor editing services to US-based authors of various genres. They deliver print-on-demand publishing solutions while embracing technology and innovation to provide a significant edge in the eBook world.


We worked with The Omnibus Publishing to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) to reach parents and book distributors.


  • We saw a 104% increase in organic hits from search engines within the first 30 days of SEO work.
  • Within those 30 days, The Omnibus Publishing began ranking for keywords such as “children’s book publisher” as well as its authors’ and illustrators’ names more than two times higher than it did 30 days prior.
  • The Omnibus Publishing continues to receive an increasing number of online book orders and reach more relevant audiences (who are visiting more pages, staying longer on the website, and taking more actions) through Google Search.

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